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Job Creator.
Proven Conservative.

Jack Dyer is the Conservative Choice for Virginia’s 10th District

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Jack Dyer

Meet Jack Dyer

Jack Dyer is a real-world businessman and successful General Contractor who has been building his entire life – building schools, businesses and creating jobs.

As a volunteer, he’s worked to elect conservative Republicans across the Commonwealth.

Now, he’s ready to serve as our next State Senator.

  • Led the Hanover GOP’s election integrity committee, and worked to prevent voter fraud. Glenn Youngkin set a record GOP turnout thanks, in part, to these efforts
  • Created jobs and has been leading a successful business for more than 40 years
  • Will work to make Richmond an ally, not an enemy, of creating new jobs and will cut taxes
  • Will be a good steward of taxpayer dollars and stand up for our fiscally conservative values in Richmond

Jack's Priorities

  • Stop the far left, soft on crime agenda and restore the rule of law

  • Fight back against woke school boards and get CRT out of the classroom

  • Stand strong to protect the unborn and our Second Amendment rights

  • Cut taxes and red tape on hardworking Virginians, putting more money in the pockets of Virginia families — not the government

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Jack Dyer is a native Virginian who raised his family here, created jobs here, and is ready to go to work for our community.

Now, he’s running to be our conservative voice in Richmond, and build a better Virginia for the future.

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